Workshop Projects – Making the lamp shade

Unveiling the Magic: Our Handcrafted Ceramic Bowl Lamp Shade Workshop

Welcome to our enchanting workshop, where we bring artistry and joy together to create handcrafted ceramic bowl lamp shades. With warmth and creativity in abundance, let’s take you through the magical journey of crafting these unique pieces.

Step 1: A Creative Adventure Begins

Every workshop session begins with excitement and inspiration. Our skilled artisans and crafters gather, eager to embark on this artistic adventure with clay as their canvas.

Step 2: The Perfect Clay Selection

Choosing the right clay is key to our craft. We carefully pick clay that’s easy to shape and possesses the ideal balance of pliability and strength, ensuring our lamp shades stand the test of time.

Step 3: Let’s Get Hands-On

Hands in the clay, we dive right in! Kneading, squishing, and rolling the clay into a workable ball is the starting point of our artful journey.

Step 4: Shaping with Love

With gentle pinches and coiling movements, we shape the clay into elegant bowl forms. Our artisans take pride in every touch, refining the thickness and adding their artistic touch.

Step 5: Unleashing Artistic Flair

This is where the magic truly happens! Our creators infuse each lamp shade with their unique creativity. They add intricate patterns, textures, and delightful sculptural elements, turning each piece into a masterpiece.

Step 6: Patience and Tender Care

With love and patience, we let our lamp shades air dry partially. This crucial step ensures that our creations stay strong and resist any cracks during the firing process.

Step 7: The Fiery Transformation

Time for the kiln to work its magic! We fire the partially dried lamp shades, witnessing the amazing transformation of clay into beautiful, durable ceramic.

Step 8: Celebrating Artistic Excellence

As the lamp shades emerge from the kiln, we celebrate the culmination of our artistic journey. Each piece is unique, reflecting the creativity and dedication of our talented artisans.

Step 9: Lighting Up Lives

Our handcrafted ceramic bowl lamp shades find their way into homes and spaces, illuminating lives with warmth and charm. Each lamp shade brings with it the love and passion of its maker, creating a special connection with its new owner.

With creativity, passion, and skilled hands, we craft pieces that weave magic into everyday living. We invite you to join us on this artistic voyage, where every clay ball becomes a work of art, and every smile of satisfaction lights up our hearts.

With gentle pinches and coiling movements, we shaped the clay into bowl forms.
Mr Panha is shaping the inside of the lampshade.
Firing the lampshades in the gas kiln
Time for the kiln to work its magic!

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