Seeds Refill Chia 1 pack


Reuse your Organic Planter indefinitively!
Chia seeds refills, 1 pack.
18 gram seeds

Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery of this item

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How to use seeds on your Organic Planter:


  1. Soak your Organic Planter in water for 5 minutes.
  2. Mix 2 teaspoons of chia seeds and 10 teaspoons of water (¼ cup of water). Let soak for 30 minutes, stir the mixture time by time to moisten all seeds. The seeds will take a jelly like texture, this will help to stick your seeds to the Organic Planter.
  3. Apply the mixture of seeds and water to the Organic Planter, using your fingers or a teaspoon. Take care to not make clumps of seeds; you may not need all of the seeds. Fill your Organic Planter with water. Keep your Organic Planter on a small plate or tray.
  4. Place your Organic Planter in an area with good sun exposure (Chias doesn’t like extreme heat or extreme cold, so your windowsill may be too hot).
  5. Keep your organic Planter fill with water everyday. It is important for the first days to keep the seeds moist. You can put a bag loosely over the Organic Planter for 3-4 days until the seeds sprout. Or frequently misting your Organic Planter.
  6. As soon as your Organic Planter has a lush coat; turn your Organic Planter toward the light source regularly to keep the coat even.
  7. When the growth appears leggy and overgrown, it is time to remove the old growth. Depending on the conditions in your place, your greens will have a lifespan of approximately 4 weeks. Organic Planters should be washed and can be reused indefinitely.


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