3. What is Direct Trade

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Direct Trade means you are directly dealing with the maker. There is no middle man or system; this allow you to get better deals, and more genuine products. The producer, maker, is the marketer too offering us better deals too. This is a win-win process. We found it very fair; from that we prefer to promote our self-made label which is “Direct Trade“. You buy from the maker.

Direct Trade Logo
Direct Trade Logo

As customer, you want to sustain nice projects, making good deals when you buy unique items. 

We as maker, we want to meet customers who believe in fair practices. No need to get full of love love on the website, nor pictures of disabled peoples.

Buy from the maker; the quality is good, the maker is honest. To make good quality, it is compulsory to respect all the peoples and the environment your work with. this include… the customer!

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