16. The Difference between Khmer Ceramics & Pro Khmer Ceramics?

Helpdesk Shop and are both the affiliated website to Khmer Ceramics Company. and share the same resource of customers’ registered information, that is to say, you only register for one time, and you can do the business at both two web sites.

Both of the two web sites provide tableware, basin, decoration, and jewels; the differences between and are as follows:

1.        Different Scale

> = Small & Medium Wholesale

> = Large & Medium-Sized Wholesale

2.        Different Stock:

> do not have the warehouse stock, because all of the products at wholesale quantities and wholesale prices are straight producing from  the factory, which can help you control costs.

> However, have the warehouse stock, the products can get the smaller quantities to fit your inquiry. And if the products that you want almost contain the stock, they will be ready in a very shortly time, which can save your time at most.

Whether you have a restaurant, hotel, or your resale ceramics, Khmer Ceramics & Whole Khmer Ceramics can offer different solutions according to your needs.

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