Help Desk Classes and Activities

1. Can I start the class any time?
2. Can we come without Booking?

3. What is the duration of the classes?
4. What time are the classes?

1. Since when did you do pottery classes?
2. What is Khmer ceramics Activities?

1. How much for a class?
2. Do you have discounts?

1. Can I come to learn for few days?
2. Order the Potter’s Privilege Card?

1. Can I take pieces home without firing?
2. Can you ship our pot to our country?

1. Is it free to visit with my group?
2. Can I get free activities or animation?

1. Why are you doing combined activities?
2. Find all of your combined activities?

1. Are you usual with Incentive?
2. Maximal capacity for groups?

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