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Share our knowledge with younger generations.

As a social enterprise, one of our major activities is sharing our passion with younger generations about pottery and the history of Cambodian ceramic art. We offer school groups the opportunity to visit Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Children can participate in pottery and painting classes as well as other educational activities.

School and college groups from the local community and educational organizations visiting Cambodia from abroad have been coming to our center for many years. Children and older students have always enjoyed participating in school groups activities that provide an interesting, unique, interactive and fun way to discover ceramic art and the history of Khmer pottery.

Our school group packages include a tour of the center, which will immerse children in hundreds of years of Khmer art and culture. They will also benefit from a pottery class or ceramics painting class in which they will meet and work with local craftspeople eager to share their knowledge and skills with younger generations.

Students will learn about the origins of man-made fire from about 40,000 BC and the earliest pottery to the unique ceramic art of the Khmer era through to modern techniques.

The pottery class or ceramic painting class enables each student of the group to go home with their own unique artwork – as well as unforgettable memories. All pieces made by children during the activities can be personalized with the name of the student or the school, for example.
Our ten years of expertise and experience has allowed us to accommodate school groups from across the globe and from local schools across many age ranges. We can accommodate groups from kindergarten age to university students. We adapt and personalize each visit to the center, the explanations offered by guides and the activities based on the age of participants.

Our tours are offered in Khmer, and English  (let us know if you need translator).
In order to contribute to spreading our passion for Khmer art, we offer substantial discounts on our school group packages.
Please do not hesitate to contact us directly about visiting the center. Our school groups activities will will give children the chance to participate in a unique and entertaining educational experience with our .

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