Handmade Tableware Manufacturer

Khmer Ceramics is a handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer. The company is located in Cambodia and follows international standard. We supply both national and international customers, mainly to the US, European and Australian markets.

The workshop includes its own clay extraction division, clay processing, mold manufacturing, glaze laboratory, research and development lab and design studio, as well as multiple different production lines.

Handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer.

The company was founded in 2006 and has focused on research and the revival of ancestral south-east Asian ceramic techniques. After organizing several international conferences on this subject. Khmer Ceramics quickly became the leading handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer in Cambodia.

The center continues to build on the initial social project, which includes training and employment for the local community by specializing in manufacturing high-quality ceramic products.

Today, Khmer Ceramics center welcomes interested visitors to learn and discover the art of stoneware ceramics, while focusing on the large and growing export market.

Our history, passionate team and artisanal focus allow us to differentiate ourselves from conventional ceramic factories by offering high-quality handmade products. Moreover, the number of craftsmen on site enables us to produce large quantities of handmade ceramics. A task generally impossible to achieve for conventional pottery studios.

With more than a decade of experience and expertise as a handmade tableware supplier and manufacturer. We have the ability to produce thousands of pieces daily. We offer a wide variety of products on demand and can ramp up production rates quickly across our different production lines to meet customer requirements. The Centre always provide consistent service with high-quality products – a guarantee that has allowed us to build reliable connections and long-lasting relationships with our customers around the world.

We produce tableware and Art de la Table ceramics; we are also producing vases, decorative ceramics, wash basins, sink, jewelry, … . Khmer Ceramics proposes several dinnerware collections branded with the Khmer Ceramics name.

Differentiate yourself.

Our experience and our manufacturing process will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering a range of high-quality stoneware products at competitive prices. Moreover, each product is unique: a piece of art with its own soul and history. A win to win solution.

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