B2B and Wholesale with Khmer Ceramics

Company Introduction

Khmer Ceramics was founded in 2006, fruit of a passion for high quality, and traditional Ceramics. Khmer Ceramics are real handmade Ceramics, using all the technology available to get high quality stoneware and eco-porcelain. As we are creating and making by hand, we use all the genius of industry to get the highest quality of body and glazes.

This offer you an exceptional product; fully handmade with genuine look and “soul”; high quality satisfying the highest quality standard for personal use and hospitality.

Our workshop includes its own clay extraction division, clay processing, mold manufacturing, glaze laboratory, research and development lab and design studio, as well as multiple different production lines.

The Brand

Our Collections are constituted from real unique handcrafted pieces of Art. Khmer Ceramics want to bring Art in every house worldwide; as we believe that Art will make it a better world.

KHMER CERAMICS handmade dinnerware is quite unique; inspired by the tradition, looking to the future.

Custom Made Ceramics

Khmer Ceramics engineers, technicians and craftsmen are able to transform almost all your projects into reality. The custom pottery department includes crockery, sculptures, or any other decorative ceramics such as vase, soap holder, piggy banks and so on.

Prototypes for customized pottery can be created from drawings, computer file, replicas of existing articles or from broken pottery. Different type of clay can be used (sandstone, terracotta, porcelain, etc.) with different type of glazes as well.

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