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27 years, Prototyper, Pottery Teacher, Sculptures Designer.

I was born in … and by the will of fate fully deaf-mute. While growing up, I realized it’s not going to be easy for me to find a good job. However one day I was passing on the street and saw an announcement that Khmer Ceramics is looking for workers. I decided to visit the place and it appeared there were other deaf-mute people already working. I felt it was the “sign” and “my journey” began. 

At the beginning I knew nothing about ceramic dinnerware production. My colleagues taught me everything and I enjoyed learning new skills. Even now, after 8 years of work, I feel so inspired to learn new things about ceramics and pottery. 
Nowadays I mostly develop the prototypes for the production, making molds, designing Wooden Buddhas and Bronze Statues. In addition, I teach pottery classes. Meeting people from all over the globe made me realize that even though we are different, all people have so much in common. And I’m grateful for this experience. 

I love the atmosphere of peace that I feel at my job. Here I can fully focus on the process and use my imagination to the maximum. I feel that I found the perfect place. 

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