NOEB Panha:

32 years, Production Director.

I learned the basic at pagoda school, following Monks teaching. I began to work with Khmer Ceramics as a simple seller without background in 2012. I was taught about the skill of Cambodian potter’s. I was and still subjugate by the beauty and magnificence of Khmer original ceramics. The director saw my skill in the ease of communication with people; they offered me the opportunity to be Guest Relation Manager. As I was working as a Guest relation Manager I was learning to do ceramics myself, I was copying the products other potters around me were making. After 2-3 years I started working on the Ceramics Production. Now I control the quality of the products, produce ceramic pieces myself and do the kiln firing. I love the process, I feel like that’s my plant that I’m growing. I work with my heart, I love every piece we do and can see the soul that me and my colleagues put in every piece. 

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