CHENG Ulinda:

22 years, Multidisciplinary Expert.

I’ve loved playing with clay since I was a child. There is a river in my hometown, where I used to go there everyday to build peculiar creatures from local dirt. At that time I knew nothing about ceramics and how it is made. However as I grew, my interest grew with me. My sister started working in Khmer Ceramics, and I started coming to learn pottery every day after school. I remember that mesmerizing feeling as we were glazing pottery and it was changing colors after the kiln. It felt like a reflection of life, when you follow the recipe, do your best, but at the end you never can fully predict what’s going to happen in the kiln and the result is unpredictable. So… Ceramics always felt like magic to me.
At the age of 18 I finally started working in Khmer Ceramics. Nowadays I do a variety of tasks like developing the designs, controlling the stock, helping with the pottery classes, firing students’ ceramic pieces. I’m grateful for every day at my work. I do arts, communicate with amazing people. I feel truly connected to my culture and people.

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