A message from the founder

Thank you for reading this, and for your interest in our work.

Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre has been active since 2006, and since then KCFAC has had an enormously positive impact on many Cambodian individuals and communities.
KCFAC is at heart a social enterprise, though from the beginning our goal was never to build on those credentials alone. Our focus instead was to drive forward the social impact of our work through a solid and sustainable business project: producing exceptional hand-crafted products that people love. This model enables us to grow and provide more training and employment opportunities to Cambodian workers, especially disadvantaged communities, while contributing to the revival of Khmer ceramic arts and raising awareness of Cambodia’s rich artistic heritage.
KCFAC currently directly benefits approximately 100 professionals and students, who work and train at our different sites across the Siem Reap region. Many of the people we support in this way have previously not had the chance to go to school, while others suffer from disabilities, but no matter their background all form part of the KCFAC family and contribute in countless ways to driving the project forward.
In order to raise awareness of our work, Khmer ceramic art and Cambodia in general, we have leveraged opportunities to showcase our products in different markets locally and around the world. In the process, we have contributed to reviving Khmer art forms, and many of our former students and employees have gone on to establish workshops and businesses of their own, among them Morrodouc Pottery, Heritage of the Light Ceramic and Angkor the Center . Other businesses have also been set up around the trade, providing even more social and economic benefits for local communities and for individuals undergoing training with us.
Looking ahead, many Cambodians continue to join the Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre, and we are working to expand our focus to include other traditional arts in order to accommodate the interests and skills of a larger selection of students keen to continue artisanal production techniques.
We appreciate your support and for believing in Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre’s project and vision. Together, we aim to craft a better world for everyone.

Serge REGA
Founder of Khmer Ceramics Centre

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