Ulinda Cheng

A volunteering story

Orsina’s Khmer Ceramics Journey Orsina’s month as a volunteer at Khmer Ceramics Centre was a fantastic journey, brimming with creativity, warm friendships, and delicious food. During her time in here, she actively participated in crafting a new raku line, exchanged ideas about design, found inspiration in the nearby temples, and connected with people from all […]

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Workshop Projects – Making the lamp shade

Unveiling the Magic: Our Handcrafted Ceramic Bowl Lamp Shade Workshop https://khmerceramics.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/making-the-lamp-shade.mp4 Welcome to our enchanting workshop, where we bring artistry and joy together to create handcrafted ceramic bowl lamp shades. With warmth and creativity in abundance, let’s take you through the magical journey of crafting these unique pieces. Step 1: A Creative Adventure Begins Every

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