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Best quality tableware, ceramics and porcelain in Cambodia!

Two Traditional Cambodian pottery mug celadon glaze wood firing

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The Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia is dedicated to the renaissance and appreciation of the lost Cambodian art, pottery, ceramics & tableware. The center was founded in 2006 to revive the skill and knowledge of this technically challenging and beautiful hand crafted art form.We propose Contemporary tableware, vases, lavabos,... inspired by Cambodian culture and environment, both functional and decorative. We export our products worldwide.

We offer free vocational training for young disadvantaged Cambodians, we helping local potters to build and revive this lost heritage.

Our Activities & Classes

Clay Class

With our ''Clay Class'' course, you can make your own ceramic artifact on the potter wheel. You can feel the potters sensation and have fun at the same time.

After you finish your piece, you can add different designs on it with our special tools. You can also learn traditional 'Kbach', Khmer carving ornament.

We also have some samples for modeling, especially for your children. They can make their own creations with modeling the clay by hand. 

Paint a Pottery

With our ''Paint your own Pottery'' course, you can draw and/or paint your own design on a pot.

We have many different shapes to paint.  You can customize your pieces by drawing or painting with our special ceramics paint. We have stamps, stencils, and pattern books to help your designs

Porcelain & Ceramics Tableware

Make every day a beautiful day by adding some personality to your table setting with Cambodian artistic touch.

Best quality tableware ceramics and porcelain in Cambodia!

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